Vex IQ qualifying team ranking for finals

Can someone please clarify the qualifying alliance scoring system.

I have read that for the first 3 matches, the average is shown. So, if a team scores 50, 75, 100, then TM will show 50, then 62.5 = (50 + 75)/2), then 75 = ((50 + 75 + 100)/3). Then on the 4th it drops the lowest score of the 4 but still divides by 4 instead of 3. So, if you scored 100 again you would think your average would go up, but it goes down because it is now 68.75 = ((75 + 100 + 100) / 4). And from the 4th through the 7th it drops the lowest score, but still divides by the number of matches run. Then, on the 8th match, it drops the lowest two scores but still divides by the number of matches run.

When I reviewed the scoring of several tournaments it appears that at the end of qualifying matches the lowest score of all matches is dropped then divided by the number of matches run.

Thank you

Please read the manual

Bottom of page 25:

A certain amount of a Team’s lowest scores will not count towards their rankings.
o If an event has between four (4) and seven (7) Qualifying Matches per Team (i.e. “rounds”), then each Team’s lowest score will not be counted towards their rankings.
o If an event has between eight (8) and eleven (11) rounds, then each Team’s two (2) lowest scores will not be counted.
o If an event has twelve (12) or more rounds, then each Team’s three (3) lowest scores will not be counted.
Teams are ranked by their average Match points. This average is calculated using the total
qualifying points, excluding the lowest-scoring Matches, as explained above.

@sankeydd. I think what @Nickyg529 is saying the match averages are being calculated wrong. The divide should be as many data points kept, not the count of all data points.

I did have a parent say something along the lines that the average wasn’t right. I blew them off since TM has done this calc for years, hard to think this is the first time noted.


There was an old version of the audience display that did indeed have the incorrect calculations. The rankings were right but the numbers were wrong, making it appear very strange…

I believe now it is correct, as when the 4th match and 8th match run the scores jump. If it did it incorrectly, the scores wouldn’t do that. You can download TM and make up a scrimmage and just punch in some scores. If you can find it doing something incorrectly the team is quick to update the software.