VEX IQ question for programming

Hi, so I have a question: So, for VEX IQ (like the official competition for Pitching In 2021-2022) can you like do the programming in python, like are you allowed to? If so is there a way I can download the python for VEX IQ like on how you can download RobotC, is there a way you can download python. Sorry if it’s been asked before.

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VEXCode IQ does not support python like VEXCode V5 does. If you really want to use Python, RobotMesh has python support for IQ, but outside of that I don’t think you have very many options.


Thanks, also are you allowed to use Robotmesh Studio for the VEX IQ competition in 2021-2022?

Yep, it’s completely legal. Typically, any coding software will be legal as long as it can run the competition modes properly.


Any question that asks “are you allowed” has it’s answer in the game manual (or official q&a). Since the game manual doesn’t specify any programming software, then you can use any software that you can make work for you!


In IQ it’s even simpler… DOES IT WORK? No competition mode necessary.