VEX IQ Ringmaster Intake

So from the many hours of looking and building I have an iteration of what could be the infamous intakes from the Youtube videos that have appeared over the past week.

But a few things baffled me, notice on my first photo I have a T shaped angle beam, theirs is cut off so that on the right of it doesn’t show the one hole. I am curious what piece is that? Or was it made? Another being that they have wheels that seem attached to their 2X6 beam, again what can I do to improve it?

Any advice or criticism is greatly appreciated. Attatched are my photos of what I built and what picture I got the idea from.






This is our version of their intake. There are individual comments with the pictures.
The close tolerance is critical to the friction of the ring in the slot, holding it there until it pushes down on the scoring pole.
The number of rings for this intake is limited to the structural ability of the slot to maintain the close tolerance under the weight of the rings. The tolerance is opened up when the forward “L” pushes down on the scoring pole, releasing the rings.

Hope that helps.




Yes this definitely helps. TY so much. :):slight_smile:

First off, thanks for posting. We tried to build your needle intake above and are having some problems with it. What makes the wheel in photo 3 to stay at an angle? Our rubber band does not put any pressure on that “L” since it is not connected. Can you post some more pictures that show the other side? Thanks for your help.

This intake never worked for my kids, so they decided to use a conveyer and scoring stick. It was faster and easier to pick up the rings.

:confused:Was that starting post passive intake originally designed to pick up the two stacks or three?

The intake can be lengthened to pick up quite a few rings, but doesn’t work for starting posts. Any of our teams that tired it also abandoned the use even though they did get it to function well and it did differ a bit from the pictures in the thread, and was actual an improved variation. In the end it just took too long to line up rings to pick.

Thanks! It was helpful.