VEX IQ Ringmaster Rule Question - Uniform / Non-Uniform Posts

I have a rule question. If a robot is stacking the same color rings and it accidentally stacks a non-uniform ring (red) in with a stack of four blues, to fix their mistake could the driver position the robot so it is touching that non-uniform ring to disqualify it from the stack and therefore the stack be uniform?

Good question. You posted in the general area, you’ll need to post in the official Q&A to get an opinion.

At our events we “un-score” invalid rings then score the rest. So here we would pull the red ring away and then count the blue rings. It will be interesting to see what the official answer is.

Who knew that a robot contest with rings could have so many corner cases :slight_smile:

That is an interesting question! What do you do in the case of an “oops”?

I don’t think you can “un-score” the odd rings:

"Uniform – A Post is considered to be Uniform if all of the following criteria are met:

  1. There are at least two (2) Rings scored on the Post.
  2. All Rings Scored on the Post are the same color"