VEX IQ Rise Above Event Data Missing

My teammate has noticed that all events for VEX IQ Rise Above on do not show any info other than the start page. I don’t think this is an issue on our end because the VEX IQ Squared Away data is still there… So is the VRC data. Why is it blank? Was it a intentional move?

for example:

There’s nothing in it :slightly_frowning_face:

The season has barely started! Most events are run by volunteer event planners, many of whom have to work with schools and venues to set dates. This year especially, since so much was closed last year, it could be into the fall before we start seeing a lot of events at schools. If you want to come to michigan, some of the earliest events are at the county fairs starting with our event we are hosting on the first Saturday of August at the Monroe County Fair

He means the page looks like this:
(not that there are no events for the current season in his region. I bet more will pop up once the school year starts)


Oops, misread the OP’s question…yea, looks like a glitch on that particular event…other events have the data tabs.

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I’m seeing a number of errors like this over the past month. This is the time of year that they will be making changes, so I wouldn’t worry about it. They have all the data, and it will be back in full.


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