VEX IQ Robot Brain not connecting to Windows 10 Desktop or Macbook Pro

My VEX IQ Robot Brain is not connecting tonmy Windows 10 Desktop or Macbook Pro. I refered to this video: and did exactly what this man did but it still would not connect to VEXos Utility or VEXcode IQ Blocks. What should I do so I can get to programming?

Usually when I have problems with stuff like this, I like to check with my teammates as well as vf. Since they can see the device, where we cannot, it can often make it easier to fix with more ideas on what to do and a better likelihood that the problem can be solved. Check with them, sometimes my teammate can help me with stuff like this when I run into a problem

I dont have teammates. VEX isnt too common in the UK , especially around my area. If i got my friends to be my teammates, they probably could not help much as none of my friends have prior knowledge of robotics.

Lets stick with looking at Windows first

  1. have both VEXcode IQ Blocks and VEXos installed on your Windows machine? If not, do this first
  2. Open VEXos, make sure VEXcode IQ Blocks is closed
  3. With no motors or sensors attached, connect the Brain to USB and turn on. Does VEXos detect it? Can you update it?
  4. If not, go into Device Manager and se if you can see the 2 Brain com ports under Ports COM and LPT

Let us know what you are seeing.

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Ok thanks I will try this out. On my windows machine, I only have VEXos utility installed so I have step 2 done. I have not tried step three yet and for step four last week when I went to device manager and couldnt find the Ports COM and LPT section.

nope didnt work- vex are sending me a new brain free of charge though


Nice Going vex! 20 char

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yessir- thought i was gonna have to pay

Lucky when i had my brain broken they made me pay ,Really harsh

You will pay, just not with money, but with
countless sleepless nights, sweat, tears, and blood1.

  1. Not untill you get to cutting metal in VRC. But then, and you can trust me on that, the grim payment will be collected in full.

Welcome to VEX, comrade Banjo2rise.


only been doing vex for two weeks but already so true

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I ordered something from Vex and guess what they gave me, extra Standoffs with i really need but the parts are too expencive so i got only one pack