VEX IQ robotics running on a FLL Challenge Mat

I was wondering if anyone has tried to design a VEX IQ robot that completes challenges on a FIRST Lego League mat. I am putting together a revamped robotics merit badge program for my summer camp, and we do already have some Lego Mindstorm equipment. I also have secured by donation of another team some prior seasons FLL challenge mats. I am however more interested in teaching with the VEX IQ system because of some of the advantages VEX gives over LEGO (open CAD, 3D printing, human control, updated software and programming options, etc). I don’t see why VEX IQ shouldn’t be able to run on a FLL challenge mat. We need new equipment either way because most of our LEGO mindstorms are NXT (we do have 1 EV3), and I am tired of running outdated software, and wish to give scouts more options.


Another option may be to get VEX IQ Challenge parts from previous years, and use those.

I would love to do that, but I am probably breaking my camps budget already by asking for VEX IQ class room bundle (I teach anywhere from 3 - 14 scouts at a time). I do have LEGO League mats, and from what I can tell VEX IQ is a better deal than more LEGO MINDSTORM Kits, so that’s one of the driving reasons to know if VEX IQ bots have a chance to complete FLL challenges. Plus I am unsure of any VEX IQ teams around me, let alone willing to donate not only past challenges but also the base field parts. With LEGO I can at least give my council the build plans for the wooden table and call it a day.

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I think the problem you’ll face is the size difference. Many of the LEGO components are very small, and it may be hard to create VEX robots of the right size. You’ll also notice many of the VEX challenges have a much more open field. (next year the field is expanding to 6’x8’ for even more space)

You may want to make your own challenges with a goal that can be accomplished in a week. For example: moving tennis balls from one container to another. That may sound simple, but there are many ways to change it to make it easier or harder.

More balls
Different colored balls
Containers: farther apart; higher; smaller
Baseballs/Tennis balls/Soccer Balls

Using tennis balls, you could have 1v1 or 2v2 soccer

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