Vex iq says not connected when it is

I posted this question before, and it has not been resolved. when we connect usb to brain using modkit, the it says not connected, and the usb is connected. Everything is updated.

Obligatory mention of “modkit has been deprecated/discontinued, strongly consider switching to VEXcode IQ blocks”.

Are there any other applications open which talk to vex IQ brains?

Are you using the cable that came with the brain?

Which of the following (if any) have you tried:

  • Downloading a program from a different app (e.g., VEXcode IQ blocks) to the same brain over the same cable
  • Downloading from modkit to the same brain using a different cable
  • Downloading from modkit to a different brain using the same cable
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Does the computer (PC ?) see the brain using the VEXos utility ?

if so, it’s most likely an issue with Modkit. Older versions (more than perhaps 18 months) will not work with the latest IQ firmware, there was an update a few months ago I think but, as Modkit is no longer available from VEX, you should probably consider switching to either VEXcode IQ blocks or perhaps robotc graphical.


It may be the Modkit Link that runs in the background that Modkit depends on for the USB connections. When we were using Modkit during our first year, this gave us a lot of problems. It would always say that the brain is not connected. We had to restart the Modkit Link multiple times before it picked up. One of the many Modkit frustrations. :slight_smile:

Like @holbrook and @jpearman said, you should switch to Vexcode IQ blocks or RobotC Graphical. My 2 kids’ teams use RobotC and RobotC Graphical.


it happens to me all the time, its a broken robot usb port. or its your wire head.
solution: i just push the head in harder. it nearly always works.

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