VEX IQ Slapshot Bot Camp Field

After one day of being back from Worlds, we managed to build a makeshift Slapshot field for the students to use before we get ours shipped. Thanks to our amazing volunteer, we have built up a field that will resemble Slapshot as much as possible using the pieces that we have. If you have any questions regarding the parts that we used to build any mechanism, please let me know and I will be happy to tell you what we substituted. We still can’t wait to get the official field and have the students play on the proper field. Best wishes to all teams!


How did you get the disks (the scoring elements)?

The disks are from the VEX GO line. We purchased one set before and they have the disks. Now please note that the rulebook states that the disks in the VEX GO line are not the same. They match the dimensions but the weight is different due to the magnet inside of the disks. (I may have just broken them apart and took out the magnet) :stuck_out_tongue:


We picked them up at the end of middle school worlds. Saved $100 on shipping for 6 units.

Unfortunately if you order on the Canadian site, it doesn’t give you that option. I will be speaking to VEX regarding this and hoping they make it so any international team will have that option.

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I guess any international teams can still order for pickup at Worlds, but as stock would have come from Greenville, would need to use the US website or speak to the onsite Worlds store rather than using their local currency website.