Vex iq slapshot

Hello, we need some guide to build the robot of the slapshot game other than this one:, can you help us? Thank you

Hi this is the robot we made
110 points - VEX IQ Slapshot Robot by Ben Lipper - YouTube


VexIQ is designed to have the user design robots to compete in challenges, this user is limited to their imagination and physics, therefore there should be no guides other than the official HERO robot, which you referenced, you may use other robots made for inspiration, but should not build a 1:1 replica, as that goes against the spirit and rules of the game.


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So this makes me sad. Huge Ben Lipper fan, but want I want to see is “We started with this Ben Lipper design and made improvements on it.” I tell my teams, look to other teams for ideas, incorporate them into your much improved robot. Innovation / iterations is what the judges are looking for, Clone Wars (:tm: Lucas films) not so much


I love the clone wars (not in robotics though)

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