VEX IQ Smart Motor moving on the right side of the bot when I stop controlling it with the controller

The Robotic Eye:

Hello, we have a competition tomorrow and are trying to make sure our robot is working properly. We have ran into an issue where once we stop the bot, the motor on the left side slowly keeps moving. I have heard from other people that it is a softfare issue, but I have never had that happen to me before with a Vex IQ Smart Motor. Can someone please comment what they think the problem might be. I am thinking that I just need a new motor for that side but not sure.

Thank You!

If it’s under joystick control, it may just be that the joystick doesn’t return to the center position or perhaps needs calibrating. Otherwise, post the code so we can see how it works.


Does this happen when you code or when you drive. If it is code, then it could be because you have a hold on the motor. If it is driving, it could be due to controller joystick not resetting to center position or it could be a false hold on the motor because of how the gears are setup. I may have to see the design to troubleshoot.

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