Vex IQ smart motors stalling and batery

We are using the set hold motor for the arms for the squared away game. We have two
Motors driving the arm. The setup works great it has gears , a small 12 tooth gear driving a 36 tooth gear…but a few things that the team is noticing are

  1. The batters drains fast
    after a few practice run continuous say 15 min of team practicing on the board. the brick starts flashing red and the motors make the stalling noise

Is all this because of the motor hold?? Will it burn the motor. Any other way to do this other than a motor hold if the hold is a problem.


Well from what we know about motor.setBrake(breakType::hold); on V5 Smart Motors, the motors can heat up pretty quickly with this setting. IQ motors, from my experience are much more prone to overheating even under intensive competition use. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to see if you can substitute the break mode with a mechanical solution such as rubber bands.

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  1. Motor won’t burn up with motor hold
  2. Battery life is variable
    a) How old are is the battery
    b) How many total motors on board
    (if you are running 5 motors, pretty much non stop for 15 mins is very good, that’s an entire day of matches)

You don’t talk about your design. Some teams use rubber bands to help in the lifting the weight like @33691A-Gold_Dusk pointed out (see Flex from last year and Clutch from this year) You might want to consider that.


Thanks @Foster and @33691A-Gold_Dusk. Good suggestions indeed. We will try the rubber band approach and let you all know


No problem if you need help implementing rubber bands into your design the forums are the best place for help