VEX IQ snap on top field boarder pieces?

Product suggestion.

Can you make field boarder pieces that snap on top of field instead of having to snap to the side of a tile?

We want to use VEX IQ for our summer camp and part of the old curriculum used re-configurable walls on the field for mazes and other tasks.

I second that suggestion!

I used some of that white poster stuff that has foam in a paper sandwich. I cut it into strips. I used a small phillips screwdriver to dig a hole for wooden dowels to go into the foam. (I’d started with the 1-2 unit connectors, but the 2 unit wasn’t really long enough to keep it from flopping around.

Hi Allen/Foster,

Thanks for the great idea! We’ll be sure to add this to our list of considerations for future new products.

If you’re looking for a solution in the interim period, you can create maze walls now using a combination of existing VEX IQ beams and connectors. The wall can then be made smooth by attaching thin plastic sheet or paper cardstock with the new Thin Sheet Attachment Pins. A sample photo of this is attached to this post.

Please excuse the crudity of this model. I didn’t have time to build it to scale or paint it.


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    Maze Wall.jpg

I would like this part also. Last year I used wood 1x4’s and put a little nail in the bottom to pin it into a tile hole to keep it from moving. The walls would not stand on their own but if I screwed them into a perpendicular board they would stay secured when a bot ran into them.

The new version of the Highrise cubes can pin to a tile so ideal for making mazes etc.

My solution for making a maze.
​I cut an 1/2 inch piece of plywood into strips the same height as the field walls. I drilled holes at each end ( I am going to turn the holes in to slots to make it easier to place them on the field. I cut them to several different lengths. I used offset corner connectors and a connector pin to connect boards to field. They stand up just fine to robots hitting them.

I would like to see a piece made specifically to connect boards to the field as I used up all my offset corner connectors to build a maze. I would also like a way to angle the board, right now they all need to be at 90 degree angles.







I’ve made mazes out of 2x4 blocks and IQ field perimeter pieces mounted upside down. Neither is perfect, but they work.