VEX IQ Squared Away - Cube Scoring Clarification

Need help with some scoring info on Squared Away cube points… We are having an event in November and need some clarification.

If the low cubes touch the wall with part of the cube in the gray area, does that count as 10 points?

If the cube is balanced on balls in the gray, not touching the field but touching the wall, does it count as scoring?

If the cube is balanced on balls in the gray, touching the field AND touching the wall, does it count as scoring?

All the questions I believe are referring to scoring a cube in a corner goal of the same color. Referring to the game manual (, we’re looking in the “definitions” page 7 of the manual:

“A Cube is Scored in a Corner Goal if any part of it is contacting a Corner Goal of the same color
as the Cube. See the definition of Corner Goal for specific details.”

There is no mention of the wall in the definition of “scored” therefore, touching (or not touching) the wall is not part of scoring a cube. The wall is not part of the definition of Corner Goal. If the cube is touching the floor in the corner goal, it scores, regardless of the wall. If the cube is not touching the floor (like being on top of balls) is doesn’t score, regardless of the wall.


I already posted this on the official Q&A but I just would like other opinions as well.

At a recent tournament that my team and I have attended I had a few questions because of some scoring things that happened.

To picture is that a cube is scored on the platform and the orange ball is underneath it. The head referee says that this is worth a green cube on the platform as well as a ball inside because it is within the vertical projection of the cube.

Just would like some clarification on this because I would like to know if this is all legal.IMG_20191014_144013 !

There’s nothing illegal about the photo you included, but the ball is not scored.

Let’s take a look at the definition of “scored inside a cube” (emphasis mine):

Since criteria i is clearly not met, the ball is not scored.

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Hey, we have a competition coming up; are we allowed to put multiple cubes on the platforms for VEX IQ Squared Away?



Emphasis mine.

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Here’s a copy of the game manual (it’s good to read it frequently): You’ll find the rule holbrook quoted on page 7.

If you have a smartphone, you should follow this link and get the VIQC Hub, to have the manual everywhere you go:

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