Vex IQ squared away. Robot touching cubes at end. score or no score?

If a robot is touching a cube at the end of the match does the cube count for points? One tournament said yes…another no.

I’m not finding my answer in the game manual. Must be in there, right??

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No, the cube is not scored. At the end of the match the element is score if it is not touching a robot.

Scored - A Game Object is Scored if it satisfies one of the following conditions, and is not touching a Robot.

We’ve seen many tournaments where the robot ends up touching a cube and that cube is not counted because of it.


Nevermind then, ignore what I put

I’ve been doing this for years and this one tripped me up as well. They used to put the note about no contact at the end of the definition instead of at the beginning.

Thank you. I knew the answer was in there somewhere. I know touching at the end of a match never counts but just needed to be 100%

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