VEX IQ Stem Judging for Worlds Qualifications

I’ve answered the same question multiple times in the last week. So, apparently it isn’t general knowledge. I feel it needs to be.

Here is the wording from the Judge’s Guide:

For events that qualify teams directly to VEX Worlds
At each event that qualifies teams directly to VEX Worlds, the top five (5) contenders for the
STEM Research Project Award as judged from the video submissions, will deliver their 4-
minute presentations in-person to a panel of two (2) judges at the event. Additionally, judges
will have up to 4 minutes for questions and answers. The winning team will be selected from
the in-person presentations as judged using the STEM Research Project rubric.

So, the video submission does not qualify a team for Worlds. The top five teams, as based on the video submission, get to present to the judges, but this ‘pre-judging’ should not affect the judge’s decision on the VEX Worlds spot. What sends teams to Worlds is the judging at the World’s Qualifying event.

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