VEX IQ STL files?

Are there STL files for VEX IQ parts? My students (4th & 5th graders) and I are interested in using our Polar 3D printers to modify and print some VEX IQ parts. I’ve found the CAD and SnapCAD resources page from VEX IQ, however, they are STEP files. Sorry, I am a novice!! Is there a way to convert STEP to STL? We currently use Tinkercad to 3D Design. Any advice would be appreciated.

Most CAD programs seem to be able to open STEP - it was designed to be a file format that users of different CAD programs could use to share files. Once you have opened it, you can then export as STL. I am no expert, but I think STL loses a lot of the ability to edit the file so you need to start with the STEP (or other “proper” CAD file first)

did you manage to find a process? i’m looking to try and print a couple of these and would love to find a way.

I suspect you can probably import STEP files into Tinkercad then export as STL for a free online method. You’d also be able to do this in Fusion360 which is free for education although that may be overkillif you just want to convert. Sketchup as well, import the STEP then export as STL.

Here is a link to a file converter for STEP > STL