VEX IQ Team Bundle

I recently bought the VEX IQ Challenge Team Bundle. if you look at the link, it shows you a model robot that you can make. I have been looking for the build instructions but have found none. Could anyone send a link for the robot build instructions if they can find it?

This doesn’t look like the official VEX website, so keep that in mind. Here’s the official website:

I’m not sure if the design shown there is an official design.
you can probably find some designs on the vex website

it is a reseller of vex. It is secure. VEX takes care of their orders.

my dad called vex and thats what they told him

Rapid is an official reseller of VEX parts in the UK (Just like RobotMesh for example).
you can find all the Vex IQ builds here: , though I don’t think that exact design is on there


Rapid is a well know reseller. That picture isn’t one of the designs that I’ve seen directions posted. Check with them on Monday and see if they can help out with directions or multiple pictures that you can figure out the design. The Vex build site listed above is a good place to get simpler robots to build first.

Looking at the pictures pro builders like @Noah10851B would take at least 2+ hours (number based on me taking at least 3). It may take a beginner builder 5+. You might want to go for instant satisfaction with a less complicated build.

In any case we ALL want to see the final build and details on how it works, how long it took, build tips for others and things you are doing to improve and impressing us.



Thanks @Foster, pro event partner!


You are very welcome. So can you estimate how long it would take you to build that design?

Look like a standard 2 motor tank base with the spine at mid point, brain on the back for balance. Double 4 bar linkage for lift with end driven gears for the second link. Back to back motors @Banjo2rise will need to program for. The fork has chain on a rubber band, not sure if that’s for lift or if there is a motor we can’t see on the back right side. Going to guess the touch lights are for program inputs for auto, or at least glitz.

What did I miss?

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Well, there’s plenty of rubber bands for extra support! (the absolute best piece connector behind astronaut figurine)
But other than that, I think you got it all! It seems like a pretty solid build but with a few things hidden from that picture, so I wish you good luck in building that design!

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That’s a robot that I built many years ago when I used to work for Rapid. There aren’t any instructions for it I’m afraid.


Nice design!! Any chance there are 360 pictures you can post? We’d like to see the right side and the back,

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yep i just said that lol

dont even worry abt that- ive been programming for years- its the building thats tripping me up :cold_face:

ah man 20 chararacters

The only thing that exists of the robot is this video

The robot was actually maroon gears, old style kits but was photoshopped in that picture. Pretty sure the robot does still exist but I don’t have it.


ok thanks ! 20 charr

Thanks so much!!! I have been trying to find this page for ages!

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You are right. The Vex website is not very easy to navigate.
(sorry DRow)