Vex IQ Team Number/Letter from Year to Year

Last season was our first year in Vex IQ and it was a great experience. We are looking forward to next year.

Last year we had 4 Vex IQ teams (it happened to work out that it was 1 for each of 4 grades of 5th through 8th)

Now as we prepare for next season, my school’s representative is suggesting that we attach the team number to the grade, which means that all of the returning students will be on a different team number next year. I don’t think this make sense, because many of the students have custom shirts with their team number/letter on it from last year. Also I think it makes more sense to allow as many of the returning students to retain their team number/letter as last year.

What do you all think?

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We have the same number for all of our teams that our “whole team number”. The only thing that changes the the Letter on the end for the teams… The teams then can choose the name for the team which then can be the grade… Our A team will next year will only be one of the original member as the rest have moved up. My B team was an elementary team now moving into the middle school division. Kids get attached to their numbers/ lettersI say let them keep it. They can also track year to year easier by having the same one During events it’s easy to see your school on the board as they all gave the same number. On our shirts and logos we only use the “whole team number” and it makes everything pretty easy.