Vex iq teebeam cad files

Does anyone know where i could find a Vex IQ 5x6.5 TeeBeam cad file?

if u know where i could find one or if u have a copy of one i would greatly apreciate it if u sent the link or the file in this thread or through a private message

ive found the site were they have most of the cad files but they dont have the specific one i need
i need a 5x6.5 tee beam

Does nobody know where i could find one

Until the next round of updates to the VEX IQ CAD Downloads page, I’ve attached the STEP file for the 5x6.5 Tee Beam 228-2500-152 here. (226.3 KB)


thanks for getting that here so i could use it.

i really appreciate it