Vex IQ tennis ball intake and catapult bot

This is a very interesting and efficient way to clean up your tennis balls. I also put some gears on the motors to make it a bit faster.







Nice! I love it! I am just wondering though, once it picks up a ball, is it going launch it to a certain spot, or is it just going to launch out of the way.

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Right now it is only running on driver control but i’m working on a program. I’m not sure how to set a home point or something like that. Would you use datalogging?

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I’m not sure. I would probably use something like a color sensor and some tape on the floor and retrace the steps and distances of how it got there. But that’s probably not the most efficient way. Another option would be to just go in a designated pattern that would cover the whole floor and then take a straight line back to the start to launch them into a bucket.


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