VEX IQ Tirbot Test Platform

I wanted to share a quick bot I built. I just needed something that could support a ton of sensor for testing and simple 2 wheel control. Quick under 5 minute build with just a few parts.


It’s hard to see its shape from just the one angle. Could you take some more pics and attach them here?

= Xander

Xander, I will do that next week. It is already packed away for my journey back to FL tomorrow. Maybe I will make one in assembler.

Good luck with that. I gave up trying to wrangle that program after it crashed 4 times in a row trying to rotate a piece. I’ll be doing a write-up about that later.

= Xander

Tribot didnt make it back all that well… But I had another idea for a drive system. This idea is based off the one teams can get in FIRST. I scaled it down and tweaked the dimensions a bit. I am going to mount some sensors, but I want to give it a test driving to see how it handles. Thoughts?


That looks like a great test platform! I’d love to see more detailed pictures :slight_smile:

= Xander

Nice. I have a feeling that’s parts from more than one set though…

It is one kit plus the chain add on kit. Totally worth it though. It is shaping up to be an excellent platform!

I will post a video tomorrow. (I have been showing it off at a local school.)