VEX IQ Touch Sensor LED will not turn off

Hello, I have come across an interesting situation. During autonomous we are using the touch sensor to setup the robot for autonomous execution. When the autonomous program is started the touch sensor is initially off and then commanded to light-up for example yellow. When it’s setup and ready the touch sensor is commanded to go green, when touched. When the touch sensor is touched again the robot will begin its autonomous execution. At this point, the program is commanded to turn off the touch sensor LED, and it will not turn off, it changes to a purple color. The VEX Code IQ blocks command being used is “Set touchled3 color to green” and when commanded to turn-off the LED, the command is “Set touchled3 color to none”. I’m using the latest VEXos and VEX Code IQ Blocks. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Could you post your code? Purple would suggest that the red and blue LEDs are still on and the green is off.

actually, color “none” defaults to white, it’s just when all three leds are on inside the touchLed it looks a little purple. Use the set brightness block and set to 0% to turn off for now.

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I agree but according to VEX help on this command block the “none” should be “off” and also “white” is one of the choices. Setting the Touch Sensor LED to 0% brightness turns it off and it is a work around for now. Hope VEX fixes this bug. Thanks for the work-around solution. :smiley:

I tried to upload the code but VEX won’t let me because I’m a new user. :slightly_frowning_face:

we will change functionality, but it probably won’t be in the next release. It’s not exactly a bug, just a mismatch between documentation and actual functionality.

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