VEX IQ Tournament Manager Score Averaging

Hey everyone,

I was running the VEX tournament manager at a local scrimmage and was wondering why the final score averaging doesn’t drop the round but drops the lowest score.
I am not sure I understand why it’s done this way?

It’s pretty confusing, but my understanding in how it works is that for the first 3 matches, the average is shown. So, if a team scores 50, 75, 100, then TM will show 50, then 62.5 = (50 + 75)/2), then 75 = ((50 + 75 + 100)/3). Then on the 4th it drops the lowest score of the 4 but still divides by 4 instead of 3. So, if you scored 100 again you would think your average would go up, but it goes down because it is now 68.75 = ((75 + 100 + 100) / 4). And from the 4th through the 7th it drops the lowest score, but still divides by the number of matches run. Then, on the 8th match, it drops the lowest two scores but still divides by the number of matches run. So, it makes it very hard for the kids to understand their average, which is important during finals and such when they are working up their strategy.

I hope they eventually change it to just show the actual average with the lowest scores dropped. I have no idea why they do it this way.

You get stuff like this…


So you think the software incorrectly calculates averages in order to purposely throw off children from creating solid strategies with other teams?
Are we sure it’s not a bug in the software?

No way. The ranking IS correct, but the number it is showing is wrong. It’s a mistake in the display software. Just a mistake. @DRow

I have no idea how you got that intent from my post, of course I don’t think they are purposefully trying to throw off children. I just think it is a screwed up scoring system, they should just show the average.

The rankings are correct from an order standpoint, but the numbers are incorrect if you are looking for the average score. The problem with this during a tournament is that the team may make decisions of high-risk/high-reward or low-risk/low-reward based upon the average and score spread for the competing teams, especially in the last few matches and the finals. Showing scores this way just confuses the issue, although you can back-calculate to get the true average, it seems a waste.

@sankeydd , it’s not a mistake in the display software according to the people I spoke with at RECF when I brought it up after the first tournament and they checked with IT. Summing 3 and dividing by 4, and so on, is the intention. They also said that’s how it was last year, but I don’t remember it being that way.

Wow. This should be changed. It makes for bizarre displays at times, like in the attached picture. For the rankings it is using the average of the matches that aren’t dropped, then it is displaying the average counting the dropped matches as zero.

How does this make sense to anyone?


@sankeydd, you brought this up on and it has already been answered there:

That’s correct. Someone brought this to our attention a couple of weeks ago. The rankings are correct, but they’re not being displayed properly on the pit/audience display.

As noted, the rankings display shows the number of matches the team has played in, and that number is used when dividing the total score (which has the lowest scores dropped). It is changed in the next release for better display. It has no affect on the rankings.

Sorry, I thought Mike Soukup was another ep, didn’t realize he was also tech support. I didn’t think we had any official response. As long as it’s in the pipeline I’m good. Thanks.