VEX IQ Turntable

Just got the foundation add-on kit and I am curious about the VEX IQ turntable. Has anybody successfully used this? If so, can you post pictures or instructions?

For starters, there are few few examples Art had already posted elsewhere, see attached.
Others may have some examples as well

Rich’s links may not be available.

I have yet to find a good use for the turntables.


More examples, originally from Art…

I see picture icons, but no images :frowning:

I can’t see the pictures, either. Is there a previous discussion I missed?

Uh oh, I can’t see the pictures either! :eek:

Fear not, I’ve re-uploaded them all to Imgur which should be easily visible:

My favorite use of the turntables is to make easy casters:

Longer term, we will get nice photos of these onto our website.

Wow, wonderful shot of the turntable in use. Are you cutting your shafts to size? What do you use to cut them, a Dremel or old fashioned hacksaw?

Thanks, Art! Clearly I lost the battle with uploading attachments.

The shaft used in that photo is the 2x Pitch Shaft (slightly less than 1 inch long). No cutting was involved.

Nice, Art! Thanks. Is there anybody who has motorized the IQ turntables like the ones in the regular VEX platform? Maybe I am thinking they can do more than intended.

I’ve built the caster last weekend that Art had so kindly posted and I’m going to try it out by pairing it with Damien Kee’s minibot design. Thanks for the guide, Art!!