Vex iq user interface display

I’m trying to make a vex IQ XY plotter that can plot words on paper. I wanted to create a user interface on the display so that I can click on different letters so that I could type different things each time and so that I don’t have to always have my computer connected. I confused about the code for that.

I want there to be letters that pop up and when I click the check on the brain, it adds the letter to line one. then I could click finish and the program would start to type stuff.

So anyone know how to write code for that?

thanks, monkeyboy250

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Well there is definitely plenty of space on the display to do it and use the Up/Down arrows and check to select. What language will you be using?

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im using robotc for this project

check out this.
There’s some robotc code there that may be close to what you want, it’s going to be far easier to do in robotc as compared to a blocks program.


thx that helped. I watched that same video but just didn’t know how that person coded it.

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