Vex iq v2 brains not being read by computer

I just received 12 new vex iq v2 kits. The brains are not being read by the computer…the only way I can get them to be read is by updating vexcode and using only that software. VEXos Utility won’t read them, as won’t Modkit, which even though it is an older software, is still the one preferred by myself and my students…

VEX IQ (2nd generation) hardware is only compatible with VEXcode software. Older software packages such as ROBOTC, ModKit, and the VEXos Utility only work with VEX IQ (1st generation) hardware.


Oh man…there’s no workaround for this? And how do updates get pushed through if vexos isn’t working?

There is no workaround for getting those older software packages to work with 2nd generation hardware.

Firmware updates are built into VEXcode. When you connect your VEX IQ (2nd generation) Brain or Controller to the computer, the software will indicate if a firmware update is necessary.


Thanks so much, very disappointing to learn we lose functionality while upgrading but I definitely appreciate your help!