VEX IQ v2 Inventory Sheet

Sorry if this has been asked before, but the first gen VEX IQ Kit had an awesome foldout inventory sheet that gave exact sizes for each piece and the exact quantity of each that should be in each kit. The v2 kits have a sheet at the bottom of the bin, but do not provide the quantity of each…this makes it pretty tough to inventory in a large Robotics class such as mine. Is there any way of obtaining a similar inventory sheet for the v2 kits that anyone has found? TIA!

You can use the interactive parts poster: VEX IQ Gen 2 Kit Contents - VEX Robotics

Select the part and it tells you the amount found in the kit.

I appreciate that, Jason, thank you - as a robotics teacher, one of my favorite things about the V1 kits was how the “inventory sheets” as I called them allowed students to very quickly be able to take inventory in their kits, as they could simply match up the pieces to the lifesize images on the poster and it told them how many they needed of each. Is this something I can get for the v2 kits that I purchased for my classroom?

@jmckenna Am I able to get a printed inventory sheet for the v2 kits I purchased for my classroom? It would make life so much easier on myself and my students for the reasons mentioned earlier

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Will this work?


@Foster that is extremely helpful, thank you! It will help greatly, the reason I wanted the foldout inventory sheet like the v1 kits is because it has actual size pictures of the items with their product numbers next to it…since so many pieces look alike (especially rods, etc) my students could find the number they need on their build instructions and lay it down on the inventory sheet to be sure they’re using the correct sized piece

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Yep, we do that too. And we also use the parts count for year end tear down and restock of the kits.

Exactly…I’m bummed they decided to not include them with the v2 kits

All VEX posters are available at - most posters are in high enough resolution to be printed at full A1 size.

Printed posters are included in Classroom Bundles, but not individual kits.


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