VEX IQ VEXcode IQ Blocks firmware updater not working

I just installed VEXcode IQ Blocks and it told me my firmware was out of date.
I went through the download and launch process to update, which them opened an updater window and I closed the Blocks window. It showed me the brain and things currently plugged into the ports, which are two bumpers, the distance sensor, and two motors.
It gives the option to install the firmware, so I clicked it.
The brain turned off, the installer told me to turn it on.
I turned it on and it says check the USB. Unplug wait two seconds and plug it back it.
I tried that 4 or 5 times, and even powered off and on again. I am stuck now.

The brain reads, “VEX Robotics Inc. DFU
Connect to PC for
Program Update

I searched the forup and only found an old post from 2016 that does not match my issue.

Please advise, thank you!

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What computer type, OS?

Sometimes changing to another USB port has helped.

After Brain is recognized again, might have to force update - right click on Brain icon in firmware utility.

When Brain is stuck in DFU mode, it works for me to close and reopen Firmware Utility and sometimes to battery cycle the Brain.

Also may need to detach all devices, update, then update again with them reattached.

Finally, on some occasions I have uninstalled and deleted all VEX software and bits I search for and then redownload, install latest versions fresh.

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PC: Win 8.1
Battery Cycling after one minute: Still waiting for update
Rerun VEXos Utility: Brain shows VEX IQ Recovery
Installing Again: VEXos 2.1.3
It was a success!
Thank you for the trouble shooting steps!

Kind regards

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