Vex IQ Virtual Builder

Does anyone know of a good program for building a robot virtually for prototyping purposes? I really could use this for my team this season, Thanks!

(Gotta write this quick so no time for links sorry.)

Any popular CAD software will be good for prototyping IQ robots, but will have a pretty big learning curve, due to them not being made for IQ.

LDCad is a great Lego CAD software that had a very nice IQ library that is not very up to date, but there are methods to download other parts and import them in. It also has an animation scripting feature with lua.

RMS Mimic has CAD for IQ, and the ability to program the movement for the robot. I don’t have as much experience with RMS Mimic as I do for LDCad, but I have heard it is pretty good for programming movement into robots.

Both of the above programs are not full-feauture CAD softwares, but they are pretty great for designing robots away from parts.

Good luck on your CADventure!


Here’s a video I put together recently, which contains some general information on CAD for VEX IQ, and a walkthrough/demo of basic usage of LDCad, which is my preferred solution as well.