VEX IQ Virtual Skills

I have registered 6 VEX IQ teams and would like to get them started with Virtual Skills coding. According to the KB article, I should be able to access to logon to virtual skills when I go to I do not have this option. Instead I can only connect a controller and a brain at the website. How do I launch virtual skills? It looks like there is a leaderboard so someone must be able to do this. I just don’t have the button to launch virtual skills. Instead I have the below picture.



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In the “File” menu you can start a new virtual skills project using either blocks or text.

When you launch the virtual skills playground, you’ll need to enter your team number and the corresponding team’s virtual skills key, which can be found by logging into RobotEvents, clicking “My Account”, and then clicking “My Teams” in the left sidebar.


Thanks for pointing this out - we updated the KB article to better reflect the steps as @holbrook mentioned.