VEX IQ Vison Sensor Help

We are attempting to code the Vision Sensor to track an object. We have started with some simple code to display the center of the object once detected on the brain. Online documentation states that the x values for the sensor should be between 0 and 315

However we start the program and the values that sensor displays seem correct (in value range) and then once the object is moved the values start to go way high 400 - 900 values


does anyone have an idea what might be going on?

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@tfriez any idea why I’m getting values between 500-900 for the x center

Sorry, seemed to have missed the PM. I’ll take a look - doesn’t make any sense why you’d be getting something “out of bounds”

The only other thing would be if it’s a printing artifact… since you’re not “clearing” the row before you print to if… if the last value was 100, and the next value was 85… the display on line 5 might say “850” since the screen was never cleared.

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