VEX IQ Weight Saving Plate

Hi all,

I attended a VEX IQ Ringmaster Qualification Competition in Seoul a couple weeks ago and many of the robots were using a specialty plate (I wish I took a photo of them!!)

From what I can tell I think it was a 12x12 or a 16x16 plate that has got 4 triangle ‘cut-outs’ that reduce weight. It still has pin holes all around the perimeter, and along both diagonal struts.

I don’t know how to find this part to order it (and I have looked extensively)

Here is a quite merger of random beams that is kinda what I saw


They are part of last year’s field. The solid ones were the floor of the balance ramp. The cut out ones were the supports for the end goal. See someone in your area that ran an event, they have lots of these.

OK, so there is no code to order them? you have to get them from the competition field parts?

That’s your best bet. I have some here that I’ve given local teams. Sadly, shipping to Korea for four of them is $32 or I’d toss some in the mail to you.

Thank you, we will try to speak to our representative and see if there are any available. Is it even legal to use those parts from last years field to build the framework for robot’s in competitions this year?

And for next year? (I am confused, because it is not an official part that you can order and it gives an unfair advantage if people can’t get hold of it)

You can build robots from the field parts, not the game elements. For example from last year, the solid and open plates, connection parts, etc. Anything that is “Vexy”. The clear parts for the center wall and the plastic sheet on the floor of the ramp is not. Game elements like last year’s hexballs and this year’s rings are not allowed.

Lots of components are only part of the HEXbug line, like the long arms, but you need to order the full kit to get to some of the parts.

You can buy and build with the solid plate that you can buy from VEX. None of the teams in my area have built with the solid or open plates.

If you have your heart set on building something with the open plates, figure out how to pay for the shipping $32, and I’ll send you four. But at $8 each, that makes them the most expensive plastic part you can buy.

Thanks for that clarification and information. Yeah, I’m not that set on getting them, they just would have been good for the kids to use, from a engineering and discussion perspective. We have a representative that will be assisting our school in upgrading our setup to bring us up to competition readyness so perhaps he/she will be able to assist us. - untill then, they will make do with what parts we have got.

Thanks again

Ok, sounds like you have a plan. Offer stands if you want to pay shipping for the plates I’m happy to send you some.

If I were you, I’d order one of the current game elements. The triangle plates from this years goals are pretty cool, they make a much better support for Stretch than the current design. I’m thinking for next years robots it could be a great part for new designs.

Every year, Vex releases a legal parts appendix with a full list of ALL legal parts. You’d be surprised the parts they allow.

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