VEX IQ White Plaque

Hi, I have a question, I read the game rules and about the white plaque with the team number, does it necessary have to be written? can I make a sticker with the team number and put it on? is that legal?

The rule in question is:

<R3> To participate in an official VEX IQ Challenge Event a team must first register on Upon registering they will receive their VEX IQ Challenge Team Number and two (2) VEX IQ Challenge License Plates. Every robot should have their VEX IQ Challenge License Plates displayed on two opposing sides, clearly visible, with their VEX IQ Challenge Team Number clearly written on.

There is no requirement that the numbers are hand-written, only that they are displayed and clearly visible. No one is going to object to stickers as long as they are visible and easy to read.

We print ours. You can see what they look like here: