Vex IQ Wire Management

How best do you manage wires with Vex IQ? I’m looking to be able to easily adjust wiring while also making it reliable enough that wires won’t move. Also, I would like to use it in competitions, so legal Vex parts only.

Robot Mesh sells parts to control the wires on your robot. Link here:
These pieces are very easy to work with, I highly suggest them.

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And you expect these to be legal this season? Were they legal last season?

I’m pretty sure they’ve always been legal.

228-2500-158 Cable Anchor was listed as legal for Next Level.

Also two 228-2500-064 0.5x Pitch or 228-2500-065 1x Pitch Standoffs and a 228-2500-002 1x3 or 228-2500-003 1x4 beam works.

Or two 228-2500-130 1x Wide, 1x1 Offset Corner Connectors and a 228-2500-067 2x Pitch Standoff.

I didn’t realize these were officially on Vex’s website

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From VEX Doc & Resource Library (not so easy to find…)
These will download a ZIP of a PDF when clicked:
Ringmaster Legal and Illegal ->edit re @holbrook post below<-
Next Level Legal correct now (had to edit URL to find)
Next Level Illegal
I wonder when the current lists will come out.

Game Manual Rule <R7> says:
“Official VEX IQ products are ONLY available from VEX Robotics & official VEX Resellers. To determine whether a product is “official” or not, consult”

So (except the competition fields) plus legal parts of “VEX Robotics by HEXBUG” kits.

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FYI, the “Next Level Legal” downloaded a .zip with both the Legal and Illegal appendices from Ringmaster.

Anyway, the documents you linked from both Ringmaster and Next Level are both dated early-to-mid August, so presumably this year’s LPA will come out around the same time. Not sure why it doesn’t release with the rest of the game manual, but doesn’t seem like a big deal - looking through the illegal parts appendix briefly it seems like it’s pretty easy to guess what parts are illegal, and the legal appendix looks like it’s just every 228-xxxx-xxxx part that isn’t in the illegal appendix.