Vex IQ with macBooks


I am running a vex iq course this last quarter of the year and am curious what are some of the options for programming with a MacBook Air. I would like them to get more exposure to text based coding, but it seems like the ROBOTC program needs to run a windows emulated program. I am not sure if that is an avenue I would like to go down.



You can use Modkit for graphical with a proper Mac install. I think if you have access to an internet connection, you can use @RobotMesh and the Python interface. They have implemented C++ for VEX V5 so maybe that will make its way to IQ soon too.

Longer term, VEX Coding Studio will do it all in one package but no ETA announced for that on IQ yet.

We use Macs, too, and virtual environments won’t work for us. So I’ve been using Robot Mesh Studio’s Blockly environment. It works fine with Macs, and with the program online students don’t get stuck when partners are absent have have the code with them.

Yes, VEX Coding Studio runs on a Mac. However, I’ve seen no word about whether or not VEX IQ will be supported, though. I asked for confirmation about VEX IQ and VCS being compatible in the official forum here, but it’s been over 2 months with no reply. :frowning: