VEX IQ World Championship Qualification Criteria

Where can I find the VEX IQ world championship qualification criteria? The link in says that is can be found at I have checked this site and can not find it. Also, when will the global skills ranking be available? Thanks.

Peter Van Buren
VEX Teams 817
East Longmeadow, MA

I am also curious about this too. Thanks Peter for asking.

Hi Guys,
I’m sorry no one has responded to your question yet. I’ve passed this thread along to the folks at the REC Foundation – they’re the ones who run the VEX IQ Challenge, and as such can help answer your question.

I’m sure you’ll get an answer shortly.

The global skills rankings for VEX IQ are available on the Robot Events home page for the VEX IQ Challenge:

A document outlining the championship qualifications criteria for VEX IQ is now being finalized. An update will be posted on this forum as soon as it is released. Thanks!

Thanks for getting back to me. Any chance we can get this document before Friday (13 December)? We are a team from Massachusetts and are travelling to New Jersey this weekend to compete in what we understand to be a world championship qualifying event (open to all teams). I understand from the tournament organizers that if we win an award, we will be able to register for the world championship. Even if the document is not finalized, can we get an answer to this question? Thanks.

Peter Van Buren
VEX Teams 817
East Longmeadow, MA

Not an official answer, but I was told the following five award-winning teams would advance from our (Indiana) state tournament:

Excellence Award (highest combined score)
Teamwork Champion Award (2 teams)
Design Award
STEM Research Project Award

Thanks, Steve. That was my understanding as well (also unofficial) although I believe that each skills award winner would also qualify.


Anyone have updates on the world qualifying criteria ?

Just a # of teams that qualify from top skill scores would be nice.

Thanks !

As the event partner organizing the Indiana VEX IQ State Championship I can say that these are indeed the five awards that will earn teams an invitation to the world championships in Indiana. The Indiana VEX IQ State Championship event is open to ALL Indiana VEX IQ teams. This year teams are not required to qualify at other Add It Up events, but I expect that will change next year with the growth of VEX IQ in Indiana.


The VEX IQ Championship Qualifying Criteria document has been released on the VEX IQ Event Documents web site ( under the “Event Partner Resources” column. This should answer your questions on the qualifying criteria for VEX IQ championship events. Check individual event listings for more details on Thanks for your support!

The World Championship Qualifying Criteria in that document is different from what Jay said would be used for Indiana. Which is correct?


The document that Patty referenced is correct. When I originally replied to your question Indiana had been awarded 5 World Championship spots. As off last week Indiana now has 7 World Championship spots that will be awarded as the document describes. The REC Foundation continues to evaluate how World Championship spots are allocated as VEX IQ grows. There is a chance this could change again before the Indiana State Championship, but based on my conversation with Patty it is not likely.


Would it be possible to highlight in green the top 3 scores on the Global VEX IQ skills page ? This will help clarify the rules to other teams.

Taken from VEXIQ championship qualification :

The top three Robot Skills and Programming Skills teams listed in the global rankings as of March 3, 2014
will earn spots in the VEX IQ World Championship. If there is a tie in the rankings, or space becomes
available to accommodate more teams, invitations may be extended to additional qualified teams.

I got two questions… (1) How many teams will there be at the VEXIQ world championship? (thought it would be nice to mention how many teams we will be competing with on the teams website and sponsor letters). (2) Top three Robot Skills and Programming Skills teams listed in the global rankings as of March 3, 2014 qualify… what happens when the Top 3 have already qualified… does the spot passes on to the fourth and so on?

Approximately 100 VEX IQ team will participate in the VEX IQ World Championship this year. If the top 3 teams in the Global Rankings have already qualified for the World Championship, invitations may be extended to additional qualified teams, only if space becomes available in the event. Hope this helps to clarify the process.

We will look into the possibility of highlighting the top three scores in the VEX IQ global rankings that would qualify for the World Championship. Thanks for your suggestion.