VEX IQ Worlds 2023 Waitlist

Can anybody confirm when invites will go out to teams on the IQ worlds waitlists? Is there a specific date that this will occur?

You never know. My team qualified and got on the list the day after. I would think at the end of march.

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There’s still one regional championship to go; Indiana doesn’t do it until the 25th. Teams have a week (maybe two?) to sign up for Worlds, so nothing will go out before the teams that earned their way in have had a chance to sign up. Especially since for IQ, Indiana is bringing more than any other region (including all of China). :smiley:


True, TNs happend 2 weeks ago I think so I didnt know bc I dont know anything outside of tn lol.

wow, 52 spots from IN, you’re not kidding! Looks like there’s 4 events between 3/18-3/25 that still have worlds qualifying spots to hand out, so that makes sense it wouldn’t be until after those conclude. Our organization had one team qualify from the Michigan state championship and they had 6 days to accept of decline, plus a 144 hour window to sign up for an interview slot “from the timestamp of the invitation”

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Elementary has 84 slots for Worlds, and one team already qual’d from winning at Kalahari, so at least 85 teams from Indiana will be there for ES. More than 10% of Worlds will be from here. :smiley:

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Dont forget Massachussets! Qualifier tommorow

How do you find how many spots are open for your state/ area?

It’s in the Vex Qualifying Criteria document here:

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