Vex iq worlds being affected due to coronavirus/COVID-19

Will worlds be canceled or moved to a later date?

Please use the search function. There’s already tons of posts about this

I have. All of these threads are closed.

But worth reading the threads though. There is no answer yet which is why they are closed as becoming meaningless speculation. I would imagine that the first place you would see an announcement is

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I hope they postpone. Why have it if the “World” can’t attend?

I don’t believe postponing is possible. In the end it will either be held on the current schedule or cancelled for this year.

First, it just logistically would be impossible to move. Second, there are the age rules for competitors tied to when Worlds is held. Third, the new game and rules come out. We’d lose months of fighting over things like RSC5 if the new game is delayed! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It won’t get postponed, maybe some international teams get their qualification roll over to 2021, I think that is what FRC are doing (however there is the whole age thing for example one of my IQ teams would be too old next year).

Also I know there are other threads on the topic, however I don’t see the harm in discussing it. This is a big deal for some people travelling from the other side of the world, and in some cases no one else to be a sound board to bounce thoughts and opinions off, that is what this forum space is for.


I agree that the threads shouldn’t be closed. People have to make plans and make reasonable decisions, especially when money and kids are involved. Some groups have already made lodging arrangements that are non-refundable. I know that REC will make the best decision possible. But in the meantime, it should be allowed on here for people to ask questions without threads being shut down.


RECF will be announcing more details, as well as their decision/contingency plan by the end of the week. For now, all that’s left to do is wait until then and keep preparing to go, just in case.


And after you read all of them did you understand why they had been closed?

Did you see that Dan Mantz has said that RECF would get back to us?

Did you see that he has a week to go?

Did you see that the wide variety of conversations and posts really haven’t added any value or gotten anyone closer to the answer?

The multitude of threads is not helping. Starting new threads about threads isn’t helpful.

Waiting patiently would be a help.


I think that it’ll be canceled and they give refunds. Yes I think that that would be disappointing to teams that have been preparing and working their butts off for it. But that would be the simplest solution. Maybe to make up for it they’ll release the new game early…

Yes I have. But does it hurt anyone to talk about it? It’s an important issue and I don’t think this is going to hurt anyone. I think it’s good to talk about these issues!

You are new here and you are in luck, there is a special forum, called Chit-Chat. That would be the best place for what you want to post about (

I know it seems wrong since it’s in the V5 forum, but the topics are wildly off topic there, it’s kind of that forum’s thing. So at this point, until Dan comes back with an answer, it really the goto place. And you’ll be happy with the responses you’ll get there.

Welcome to the VEXForum, hope you have a great rest of the season.

How do you see qualifications rolling over to next year? It would have to be y team number, I assume? Team 31428P qualifies for 2020 Worlds but was prohibited from attending so they get an automatic spot in 2021

  1. There’s no guarantee the students on the team in 2020, who qualified, will be on the team next year. Some may age out, some may lose interest and quit robotics, some may have to join a different team for who knows what reason.
  2. There are only so many spots available at Worlds. Where do the spots for the 2020 qualifiers who didn’t get to go come from? Other regions seems unfair. Their own region seems seems to cause a perpetuating problem.
  3. Who gets to roll over a qualification? Just teams that REC Bans? What about teams that were banned by their local governments? The students on the team are just as powerless, and equally denied their opportunity if the don’t get to go because REC name them or their local school board bans them.

I’m not too new here. I know that exists, and I don’t disagree.

I’m not sure how it would work, I guess that’s why they pay Dan the big bucks ! I have heard something will be released in next 48 hours.

REC unfortunately can’t postpone worlds. The place that they’ve been hosting it in Kentucky is always packed with different events and is probably already booked for the next year year to come. They will either host it with some restrictions on who comes or they will completely cancel the event. This sucks for the teams that have already booked hotels or will age out of the program or their age group but REC takes safety first in a case like this


Also try not to make general assumptions like that. It’s rude. It’s true I don’t post much, but I’ve been on Vex Forum for close to two years. Again, don’t make assumptions, it might get you into bad situations.

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I will keep this thread up a week after that. So people can see.