VEX IQ Worlds Open Division

Is there open worlds this year? I have been looking everywhere and have not been able to find any information on it. Just wondering as last year there was registration for open worlds around the same time. If anyone has any links or information please comment.

Just wanna ask, what is a open division. I heard about it last year and still have no clue what it is.

I believe the Open divisions happened because for last year, Pacific region (China and surrounding areas) basically had their own separate Worlds because of the 'vid. So the “Open” division was to make up for the lost teams(/revenue). There’s been no announcements of that this year, I would not be expecting it.

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It was a Pay-Your-Way-In division, but the teams ended up just getting interspersed with all the other ones. We had three of our four teams qualify, we put the 4th one into the open division, figuring they’d be off in their own but still experiencing Worlds, but they ended up competing with everyone else in the end. Some folks were certainly less happy about that.


Concur that a separate ‘open’ only division was the expectation going in and the reaction to all teams being distributed by skills score was less than welcome.

I especially was frustrated with teams who didn’t post a skills score all year get placed in the lowest divisions and then popped off as if they were a top division team.


I think the thing that shocked me the most was seeing a single kid in a pit just down the row from us finishing building a clawbot and failing inspection. It was clear that he’d not competed previously at all, definitely not with that bot. I remember there being a feel-good story coming out of it that a nearby team helped get the problem solved so he could pass inspection, but that sort of thing definitely shouldn’t be happening at Worlds.

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