VEX Item Serial Numbers and what to do with damaged products

Since last year we have been having V5 pieces breaking on us and I decided to start a spreadsheet recording all of those broken items including serial numbers. However, I couldn’t find serial numbers anywhere (batteries and motors). Do VEX items not have serial numbers?

In addition, what are we supposed to do with items (controllers, batteries, motors) that spontaneously break? Can we troubleshoot them or get replacements from VEX? Thanks.

If you contact VEX, they are generally good about replacing broken electronics under warranty.

The VEX returns policy can be found here:

I have posted the relevant section, under “Returns, Repairs, and Replacements,” below for your convenience.

Return Policy

To process a return, repair, or replacement of your VEX products, you will first need to email your completed RMA Form to [email protected]. This form contains all fields that are required to process your RMA, as well as all of our return policies and procedures listed on the second tab. After you receive an RMA number, please print out the completed form and mail it back to us along with the product that needs to be returned, repaired, or replaced. Please be sure to include a list of the issues associated with each item being sent back. Customers are responsible for the cost of reshipping the item(s).

All programming software and digital curriculum purchases are non-refundable.

There is a $50 USD repair fee, including applicable sales tax, on Out of Warranty products. VEX Robotics Inc. reserves the right to not repair any Out of Warranty products. The term “Out of Warranty” applies to products whose warranty period has expired or products whose failure was caused by factors other than defects in manufacturing, materials, or workmanship. Please note that depending on the circumstances, Out of Warranty products may not be returned to their exact original specifications or dimensions.

Note: Returns for credit are accepted for a period of three (3) months from the date of shipment, and are subject to a 10% restocking fee.

I’ve also heard from several teams that VEX will not repair or replace items under warranty that have been opened by the user. This is literally illegal, but Vex doesn’t seem to care, so I’d advise against trying to repair something yourself unless you feel like you can “hide your tracks” very well.


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