Check out this match:

Guess scissor lifts will be pretty useful this time around!

good ol’ chinese scissor lifts. I wasn’t expecting the roller intakes though
also the red robot doing the match loads looks very nice

Looks like the scissor lifts are more space efficient but less fast than a DR4B. The cycle time on these robots is very comparable to my cycle time on my DR4B, so it should definitely be interesting to see which prevails (if either).

Another thing to note is these robots use 4 bars both for the mobile goals and the cones at the top of the lift. This makes sense because 4 bars are thinner and have less wobble than chain bars, but it’s also somewhat surprising because they’re so much heavier. This is another small difference between robots that can have a huge impact, and it’ll also be fascinating to see which design ends up being better.

Thanks for posting this!

Them scissor lifts are cool. Built one in the past with my middle school team, didn’t end well. But i guess we can be pretty sure that most of the robots if not all will be scissor lifts. I have seen some other designs but the scissor lifts are the most common ones i have been seeing on YouTube.