Vex Joystick Programming

so im having a bit of trouble getting the vex joystick to work with my cortex. i updated the firmware on both devices which means that the program that was initially on the joystick that controls all the motors isn’t there anymore. i found a sample program for it online but i cant seem to get the program uploaded to the joystick. whenever i press compile and upload i get a message saying that there is no PC connection with a vex device. i would appreciate some help.

this is the program i’m trying to use

// Joystic Control:
motor[port2] = vexRT[Ch2]; //Motor port 2 speed is determined by Ch2 on the VEXnet Transmitter
motor[port3] = vexRT[Ch3]; //Motor port 3 speed is determined by Ch3 on the VEXnet Transmitter

// Button Control:
if(vexRT[Btn5U] == 1) //If button 5U is pressed:
motor[port5] = 32; //run motor port 5 at quarter speed (i.e. lift an arm)
else if(vexRT[Btn5D] == 1) //If button 5D is pressed:
motor[port5] = -32; //run motor port 5 at quarter speed reversed (i.e. lower an arm)
else //If neither buttons 5U or 5D are pressed:
motor[port5] = 0; //stop motor port 5 (i.e. don’t move arm up or down)

The user program is loaded into the cortex not the joystick.

Which version of ROBOTC are you using? When you upgraded what was the old firmware version and what did you upgrade to? Have you installed the new VEX drivers? (the CDC drivers). Are you using the USB to serial adapter ( orange box with 9 pin connector) or a USB A-A cable to do your downloads?

i am using RobotC 3.04. the firmware is the latest version. the newest drivers are installed. i am using the USB A-A cable

Connect the orange programming cable that jpearman described to the “program” port on the joystick (the USB end of the cable in your computer).
Then connect the USB A-A from the joystick to the Cortex.

If you want to download code without the programming cable, you have to go directly to the Cortex with the USB A-A (I’m pretty sure this works, but you will not be able to use the debugger mode).

i do not have the orange programming cable. i havent had luck with the USB A-A. the program will download to the cortex, but the joystick wont do anything when i plug it in.

paper clip the reset hole in the joystick until the led blink differently, then try reloading the joystick firmware again.

does the program need to be uploaded from the same computer that the firmware was updated from?

No, the two are not related in any way.

Have you selected the correct download method? There are three options available under the “robot->vex cortex download method” menu. You want to use either the top choice, “download using VEXnet or USB” or the last one “download for competition”. Selecting the middle choice “download using USB only” will disable VEXnet and allow the cortex to be used standalone but not communicate with the joystick.

If the above does not help then…

You said you are using ROBOTC V3.04, can you confirm that you have master firmware 3.16 and ROBOTC firmware 9.04 loaded, use the software inspection menu. Same for the joystick, connect with the USB cable and use software inspection, it should also be 3.16.