Vex Joysticks. for battle bots

Hi everyone. First post. I am a 1st year robotics teacher using Vex Cortex. I want to have a battle bot competition. We currently do not have joysticks. What would be the least expensive way to purchase a get a joystick up and running? I have read about partner joysticks and hooking up xbox controllers. Also, can you use the joysticks within the Natural Language? Thanks for all the help.

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If you are asking about VEXnet Joysticks, would it also be safe to assume you are using a Cortex? Partner Joysticks are not capable of using VEXnet and must be tethered to a VEXnet Joystick in order to work. You might be able to find a used VEXnet Joystick from a local team or school, or from members of this forum.

Joysticks can be used with Natural Language. Specific Natural Language questions should be directed towards the Official RobotC Q&A or towards the community at large.