VEX keys not syncing HELP!!!

Our first competition is less than a week away and we can’t get our keys to sync this year. Last year we were able to do it with no problems. the only difference is that we are using RobotC this year.

we have already tethered them,
updated the firmware on both the cortex and joystick,
communication mode is set to VexNET,

Any suggestions?

The vexnet 2.0 keys will not work with the new cortex and controller firmware unless you update the vexnet keys themselves. The vexnet key firmware updater will need to be installed and run on your computer for them to work. After you update the keys’ firmware it should work. hope this helps!

find and download
“VEXnet Key 2.0 Firmware
Upgrade Utility”

we have downloaded the upgrade utility (twice), and ran it. but we just keep on getting a slow double blink on the joystick/robot and vexnet LEDS.

These flowcharts helped our team a lot when we are facing a problem like yours.