vex keys wont work

hello when i plug the vexnet key into the remote and microcontroller then turn it on, after a period of time dependent on the last time i tried using the vex keys. all the lights on the remote turn red and then i cant use it. although everything works perfectly when i directly tether from usb to usb when using without the keys.

i am using vex cortex

All red lights mean the joystick out of batteries. Replace the 6 AAA batteries in the back and it should work.

If it does not work try updating your cortex and joystick through your programming software

thanks i swear i tried it before and it still didnt work but i guess the batterys worked thanks for the help
now i just need help with my program

toggle switch program

When you use the tether, the Cortex is powering the joystick, so the dead batteries in the joystick won’t show up until you unplug everything.