VEX Kit For Sale

Just seen this listed on eBay…

Might be useful for a start up team perhaps?

You’re not going to get any buyers at that price

You seem to be banking on the cortexes and 393 motors being worth a lot, which they absolutely are not now that v5 is the predominant system.

The only parts of worth are the c-channels, some of the sensors (although many have or will be replaced with v5 equivalents) and some of the clawbot kit, which will not sell for anywhere near $850 (including shipping)


I dont think this forum is intended for advertising, and the Cortex control system just isn’t any good.


This isn’t my listing. I just came across it and thought for those who can’t afford to pay for a brand new, full price kit, this may be a better deal…

I would call it very unlikely that, minutes after this listing was posted (It was posted 3 hours and 10 minutes ago as of this comment), you found the listing, decided to make a VEX Forum account (your account is 3 hours old), and one with an incredibly generic name no less, and make a post about it.

Also, the price was lowered to 720 pounds about an hour after posting, which I would say is probably because you saw my and Drews’ comments about how it’s really not a good deal at all and decided to lower it.

What’s even the point in lying about that, you could just say that you want to sell your stuff on here and nobody would buy it any less because of it.


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