Vex Kits and parts for sale

Need to sell all my Vex Equipment and parts.
Nothing wrong with any of it. Most new never used rest only used few times. Will sell all or In half split only!
4 transmitters and receivers, 2 micro contollors, 2 easy c programing kits, 3 hardware and metal kits, 10 motor kits, 2 servo kits, 2 power packs and batterys, 6 wheel kits, 5 omni directonal kits, 2 sproket and chain kits, 2 gear kits, 2 small gear kits, 6 limit switch kits, 2 line tracking kits, 6 bumper switch kits, 1 optical shaft encoder kit, 1 light sensor kit. Over $2800.00 in parts. will sell all for $1800.00 or half for $1000.00.
Email me at
IN Phoenix, Az but will ship to just about anywhere within reason.

Sounds like enough parts to start a pretty good competition program. A good deal for someone! (I think we already have five or six thousand in Vex parts…)

How much is a microcontroller??? I really need one because mine broke and I don’t have enough money to buy a new one! Can you sell one alone??? Thanks!

wait…you mean your second one broke too? i feel real sorry for ya.

How much are you selling each microcontroller at? if it is the $60-80 price range i might consider.

No, I’m still loooking for an old one and I really want to test out the easyc thing and I only have $90. either I get one cheap or I wait until July 19, my birthday.

so…i’m guessing you’ve already sold it? (darn it…)

I emailed him and didn’t get a reply, I guess you are right all the stuff was sold.

No one wanted the whole set or even half so I’m parting the lot out send an Inquiry on what parts you would like and I’ll sell it off in parts. I already have two inquiries on the micro controlers and a few wheels but the rest is up for grabs. I really just want all this stuff to go to good use and not just collect dust in the garage.