VEX Large Video Slider Robot

This is a video that demonstrates my Large Video Slider Robot that can be used to 3D Scan objects using Photogrammetry as well as being able to capture panoramas of nature and cityscapes. It is made using parts from the VEX Construction System including structural parts, gears and motors and the legacy VEX 0.5 Microcontroller.

The firmware is written in Robot C to control the robot by moving it in a circular path or straight line path depending upon the 3D scan mode selected using the four bumper switches to select the scan mode as well as to stop the robot if it hits an object, person or animal in its path as a safety mechanism.

In the video I show you how I scanned a DeWalt Drill in 3D using the Zephyr 3D application. This application reconstructs a 3D image of an object using photogrammetry. In order to use the application you need to collect 50 or more photos of the object that are well exposed and in focus. Although to get really good results you need 200 or more photos taken at various angles so that the object can be correctly reconstructed.

The VEX Large Video Slider Robot helps automate this laborious task by moving the camera around the object and stopping at specific dwell sites to take each photo. It also points the camera at the subject as the robot orbits around it using two lazy Susanne’s (one on the robot and the other on a pedestal) and a metal rod connecting them. Other applications for this 3D Scanning robot include 3D Printing and 3D Game assets.