VEX LCD Autonomous help!

Hello there,

So I have just tested out the sample easyC LCD autonomous code on my robot.When I plug my controller into the competition switch, LCD DISPLAY says “Go Left”. Now when I look at the easyC code, it says that these are the different names for autonomous’. I changed this “go left” to Auton 1 and when I run the program, the Auton 1 comes up yet it isn’t running the autonomous program which I want it to… What I need help doing is linking the LCD text “Auton 1” to my different autonomous routines which I have written in user functions…


The first two images are of the LCD code in the Initialize block and

This is the start of the LCD code in the initialize block…

This is the last bit of the LCD code as I couldn’t fit it all in one snip!

This image is the start of the second autonomous I programmed called Auto 1, on the LCD display I want this to to remain the same name but just for both of them to be linked…
code 2.jpg
code 3.jpg

Yeah I have…


That is the code which is inside the Auto_1 block…
code 4.jpg

So your saying the bit which says Go left, Go right etc needs to be replaced with what the actual autonomous functions blocks are called Auto_1, Auto_2…

Is this OK?
code 6.jpg
code 7.jpg

Yes if you could tell me how to do it, that would be great!

So let me get this straight… In the intialize block, the Go left, Go right etc needs to be changed to Auton_1, Auton_2 and then these need to be linked to the different autonomous’ in the user function blocks?